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GPRS/GPS application can be vary because most of used products are with the world standard protocol and can be easily to spec in to any environment. CHIYU\'s GPRS/GPS solution can be easily to be used in Metro Bus transportation, Ambulance, Tourist Buses, School Buses, Rental Cars, for urgent case Patients, Students, Tourists, or Communty passengers with proximity or smart cards/wrist bands, system operators could easily to track vehicles and passengersmovement from central office.   

Network Free Remote Site GPRS/GPS Control Case Study:


CYT-166GC and CYT-066GC-Plus items both are featured with GPRS transmissin function, shipped with a SIM Card socket to place your SIM card in then you may use GPRS Telecommunication channel to send data to remote office. Both are suitable to be used in network deployment hard location like desert area, wild check points, oil drilling site, high mountain research cabin...etc, we can call it a cost effectively solution for such a case. By connecting to CHIYU access controller like BF-631, BF-831 and work with Generation II software in the remote office, system will transmit access logs and data at once to secure daily system operator to receive the instant log instantly.

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